Tom Green County Water Control and Improvement - District 1

Welcome to the Tom Green County Water Control and Improvement District #1. We are located in West Texas in Tom Green County.

Water Supply
The District’s water supply is made up of a combination of storage water from Twin Buttes Reservoir when available, reuse water from the City of San Angelo, and 100% of tail water is reused within the District. All of our water is used for agricultural purposes. Reclaimed water and stored water are used to provide irrigation service to approximately 118 farms and 15,000 acres.


The District is continually evaluating activities to achieve the following water management goals:

  • Give the best service as possible to project irrigators by providing reliable, timely, and adequate deliveries. 
  • Maintain an adequate and dependable District water supply.
  • Continue to utilize water as efficiently as possible through reuse of 100% of all tail water and by maintaining our current overall District efficiency of delivering an estimated 91% of the available water supply to farm turnouts. 
  • Develop a comprehensive District water budget. 
  • Provide water management educational opportunities for irrigation District staff and irrigators.
  • Operate and maintain the irrigation facilities as needed to maintain and/or improve the delivery efficiency of the District. 
  • Investigate, promote, and implement new and innovative technologies to improve District and on-farm water use efficiency.
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